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Image by Chelson Tamares
Image by Filipp Romanovski

Check Out Our Spring

Wedding Special

Let us come to you and your favorite ladies for a private beauty party in the comfort of your home!

Nail Salon Logo of the best luxury nail salon in norwood massachusetts

"Jazz is a language of emotions" 

- Charles Mingus



We offer our clients the best in custom nail services -- using only the most premium products available in the industry. From gel to dip powder manicures and nail art, our manicures are customized for each customer.


In our line of semi-hard Gels, we use the most premium line of Japanese gels: KOKOIST. Not only are they ultra-pigmented and long-lasting, but they are one of the healthiest for your nails. We believe that beauty products should not only make you feel good, but be good for you. 

Whether you visit us to get your nails ready for a special event or just for a moment of self-care, we want each visit to be a relaxing experience to remember. 

Cue the Jazz music...If Jazz is the language of emotions, we speak the language of beauty.

Private Luxury Experience

We service clients who expect a personalized, private, luxury experience. We are located in the Studio Salons in Norwood, MA.


Our space is thoughtfully curated and newly renovated to promote a relaxing spa experience.

We hope our clients will share in our love for jazz and enjoy the ambient soft jazz tunes, decor, and vibes throughout their visit with us.

Beautiful, modern nail salon in Norwood Massachusetts with beautiful interior design
Outside the most popular nail salon in norwood massachusetts

What You Love

We work with our hands every day -- from typing school reports to work emails, strumming guitar, painting on canvas. Our hands -- and nails -- tell a story of everything we love. 

We specialize in beautiful, long-lasting manicures that maintain and promote healthy nails, using only the most premium products in the industry.

From perfectly refined, chic wedding-day nails to fun, colorful, intricate nail art, we love helping our clients express themselves through their nails.

Image by Diego Mora Barrantes
Woman's hand with gel manicure
Image by Gerold Hinzen


Woman's hand with a nude gel manicure from best salon near dedham massachusetts

Dip Powder


Woman's hand with a pretty blue dip powder manicure from most popular nail salon near stoughton massachusetts


Manicured hands with intricate nail art
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